What You See Is What You Get

HopefullyPlated steps in to make your life easier while helping you find a happy and healthy balance. With that, our loyalty is to our current clients and we dedicate time and energy to finding ways to better their meal plans and options. Which is why our contracts are in place to make sure we plan ahead and provide the best support and customer service.


Ask us about pricing and referral benefits. There is an option out there for everyone, so let us help you find yours. We have a base price for groceries plus our hourly fee.


The amount of hours per client depends the following:

  • Number of People in the House
  • Number of Meals
  • Drive time (OTP vs ITP)
  • Meal Prep Lessons: Learning to prep together at your home
  • Special Request
  • Private Dinner Parties


Our hourly charge is between $15-$25 an hour. Your pricing will be discussed at your initial consultation and put into your contract for complete clarification.