Veggies Everywhere

One of my current clients is an awesome vegetarian family. Even though I’ve cooked a lot of vegetarian style meals before, never consecutively and for a full week. I’ve always welcomed a challenge, because I love the research. It’s been such a neat experience looking up unique ideas and mixes for vegetables, beans, and healthy carbs. A lot of vegetarians fall into a trap of convenience, using overly packaged goods or quick snacks. The variety for vegetarians is there, but it takes time, time that I have to dedicate. One of my favorite parts about cooking is the ability to be creative. Since we technically can’t eat the same food every day without getting bored, the key is to be creative. I pick one new base or item for them (tofu/tempeh/chickpeas/black beans) and then I just use yummly/google/pinterest to hunt down a recipe that would be worth trying or manipulating. Let’s make veggies fun again!