TIL: Today I Learned

We are constantly evolving and growing into who we want to be and how we aim to get there. There will always a few bumps in the road whether personal or professional that will try to derail us. Clients who need to refocus their energy on their health needs come to us to prepare a plan to better themselves.

 You could be changing your eating habits because a doctor has asked you to make some major alterations in your diet or you personally want to take a leap towards a healthier lifestyle. Either way, I will be happy to research and create a meal plan that suits your needs.

Examples of Working with Mallory

Recently I have worked with two clients who have needed very specific goals:

High Cholesterol:

The truth is that your body needs some cholesterol to make hormones, vitamin D, and substances that help you digest foods. Your body makes all the cholesterol it needs. However, cholesterol also is found in some of the foods you eat. (National Heart, Lung, & Blood Institute)

My client needed not only a meal plan but also support to get over the mental hurdle that comes along with a fairly scary diagnosis. Helping them understand that a change must be made to avoid any further damage that can lead to Coronary Disease or Heart Issues.

What we discussed: Removing eggs, butter, and over processed goods from her diet. A big source of knowledge and ideas can be found online, but it can take more than just one purpose to combat the problem. That’s where I step in to paint a bigger picture and brighter outcome. Removing dairy and adding heartier spinach and omega 3’s to her diet to rebuild the good cholesterol in her system. 


Yeast Syndrome:

Not as well talked about, but a huge concern with their newly acquired juice/smoothie obsession. It normally starts when we add too many sugars into our system, even from fruit. It’s been discussed as a build-up of fungus in the body which can lead to fatigue. Not as commonly medically diagnosed, but regardless is an issue and can be resolved by removing sugars and white carbs from the diet.

Socially known from overly indulging in processed items. It comes down to being about to fuel your body the right way. Less snacking and more planning.

HopefullyPlated has a spot and purpose in all active lifestyles and begins with MEAL PLANNING & PREP. This is the best way to battle any icky feeling, health issue, or fatigue. Start fresh, eat fresh, and be fresh.

If you want to organize your goals and see them through, trust in HopefullyPlated. Nothing is a quick fix, it all takes time to heal and see the outcome big or small. You’ve got to start somewhere and we hope it’s with us.