I love you a LATKE

Craving a latke this holiday season? I’m a sucker for Hannukah goodies- but also don’t want to kill my diet by scarfing down everything deep fried and oily. I loved making these Veggie Latkes. Still fried- but also baked through and baked full of color!

You can use any root veggies. I picked russet potatoes, sweet potatoes, carrots, & zucchini.

1 russet potato

1 sweet potato

1 zucchini

2 whole carrots

1/2 onion (sweet onion is preferred)

2 cloves of garlic

2 eggs

2-3 tablespoons of gluten free flour (I used King Arthur’s Gluten Free Flour from Thrive Market)


Oil for frying *I used Israeli Olive Oil- but Canoli is normal for frying

  • Clean, peel, and grate all the vegetables. I used a food processor. Press out any extra liquid from the vegetables. Add to a bowl. Add pressed garlic and 2 eggs. I added 2 tablespoons of flour. Stirred and Mixed. Add one more tablespoon of flour if it’s not conforming well (aka too liquidy).

  • Make sure your pan has a higher edge. You’ll want the oil to come up to about an inch on the side. (3-4 tablespoons). Allow oil to heat up. (Do the Bubbe check and slightly splatter water into the pan to check the hot oil… caution your Bubbe normally has an aloe plant close by).

  • Use 1/4 measuring cup to make perfectly mini latkes. This made about 15-20 latkes. Set timer 5 minutes on either side to cook through.

  • Add to a cookie sheet after and cook through (or reheat) in 350 degree oven for about 8-10 minutes. (You don’t have to- but a great way to reheat as well!)

  • Finishing touches Team Sour Cream vs. Team Applesauce.

  • Happy Hannukah… or is it Channukah… or Hanukah… whatever it is.

    Spin the Dreidel. Take a sip of Manischweitz and Enjoy your la la la Latkes!

Veggies Everywhere

One of my current clients is an awesome vegetarian family. Even though I’ve cooked a lot of vegetarian style meals before, never consecutively and for a full week. I’ve always welcomed a challenge, because I love the research. It’s been such a neat experience looking up unique ideas and mixes for vegetables, beans, and healthy carbs. A lot of vegetarians fall into a trap of convenience, using overly packaged goods or quick snacks. The variety for vegetarians is there, but it takes time, time that I have to dedicate. One of my favorite parts about cooking is the ability to be creative. Since we technically can’t eat the same food every day without getting bored, the key is to be creative. I pick one new base or item for them (tofu/tempeh/chickpeas/black beans) and then I just use yummly/google/pinterest to hunt down a recipe that would be worth trying or manipulating. Let’s make veggies fun again!

Company of One

Company of One

I’ve always been fairly comfortable with holding my own, and strong in determination to present myself in the right light. Creating the same shell for my professional world has been more challenging. I have to be my best cheerleader through small hiccups and big speed bumps, because it’s up to me how I handle each issue. Let’s just say, there’s been lot of deep breaths and a few quiet (or loud) tears. It’s not  about hiding them from others, but rallying on my own to push past. The strength to do so comes from within as an entrepreneur. Although I appreciate all my family and friends cheering me on- it’s different. This one’s on me, because it’s my journey and there’s nothing that keeps me down for long because of my hard work and perseverance.

Although I’ve grown a tough skin since beginning my business, it’s still hurts when the hits strike. That’s why being able to separate the supporters and haters has helped me to grow my one-woman business. With hate only creating negativity where I don’t need it, I choose to only surround myself with positivity. It might seem naïve of me to believe in rainbows and sunshine, but I also think that’s what separates me from my competition. So, as the enviable hits come, I’ll fight them with love and positive energy.

To put it simply, I don't believe in giving up, which is my biggest success. With six months under my belt- my financials are slowly building, my brand awareness is heightened and my personal triumphs are growing.

TIL: Today I Learned

We are constantly evolving and growing into who we want to be and how we aim to get there. There will always a few bumps in the road whether personal or professional that will try to derail us. Clients who need to refocus their energy on their health needs come to us to prepare a plan to better themselves.

 You could be changing your eating habits because a doctor has asked you to make some major alterations in your diet or you personally want to take a leap towards a healthier lifestyle. Either way, I will be happy to research and create a meal plan that suits your needs.

Examples of Working with Mallory

Recently I have worked with two clients who have needed very specific goals:

High Cholesterol:

The truth is that your body needs some cholesterol to make hormones, vitamin D, and substances that help you digest foods. Your body makes all the cholesterol it needs. However, cholesterol also is found in some of the foods you eat. (National Heart, Lung, & Blood Institute)

My client needed not only a meal plan but also support to get over the mental hurdle that comes along with a fairly scary diagnosis. Helping them understand that a change must be made to avoid any further damage that can lead to Coronary Disease or Heart Issues.

What we discussed: Removing eggs, butter, and over processed goods from her diet. A big source of knowledge and ideas can be found online, but it can take more than just one purpose to combat the problem. That’s where I step in to paint a bigger picture and brighter outcome. Removing dairy and adding heartier spinach and omega 3’s to her diet to rebuild the good cholesterol in her system. 


Yeast Syndrome:

Not as well talked about, but a huge concern with their newly acquired juice/smoothie obsession. It normally starts when we add too many sugars into our system, even from fruit. It’s been discussed as a build-up of fungus in the body which can lead to fatigue. Not as commonly medically diagnosed, but regardless is an issue and can be resolved by removing sugars and white carbs from the diet.

Socially known from overly indulging in processed items. It comes down to being about to fuel your body the right way. Less snacking and more planning.

HopefullyPlated has a spot and purpose in all active lifestyles and begins with MEAL PLANNING & PREP. This is the best way to battle any icky feeling, health issue, or fatigue. Start fresh, eat fresh, and be fresh.

If you want to organize your goals and see them through, trust in HopefullyPlated. Nothing is a quick fix, it all takes time to heal and see the outcome big or small. You’ve got to start somewhere and we hope it’s with us.

Honey, I'm Home

In a market where there’s a variety of pre-cooked healthy meal options, how do you find which style, chef, technique or diet that is right for you? At the end of the day we all want to be able to say we are happy and healthy. We think it’s safe to say that the “TV Dinner” is no longer in style & the balanced meal propaganda is mostly pushed by breakfast friendly commercial brands. Don’t settle for a meal that is not looking out for you and your tastes.

HopefullyPlated provides you with a full and happy fridge based on your custom client questionnaire. Catering to your likes and dislikes, you can trust in our flavor matching and creativity in the kitchen to give you the best grocery and meal options. We know that your bodies crave different flavors and textures on a daily basis, that’s why we help you discover the best way to achieve food nirvana. 

Prove It: Worth Your Budget

How well do you know your bank account?

Whether you are a spender or are you a saver, do you know how much money you spend on food each year? From dining out to eating in, food costs can add up. Did you know that on average people eat out at least once for lunch and once for dinner each week? Add on side meals like coffee or snacks and your costs are starting to get astronomically higher than what you spend on your groceries. It’s because of this financial burden that our options are severely limited. Your options end up being either to eat healthy but incur additional cost or spend less but sacrifice through calories.

Avoid having to choose between what’s good for you and what’s easiest for you by planning ahead. Normal people only have 24 hours in a day, with the exception of Beyoncé, because she’s not human. The reality is that we can only do so much to on our own. If we can outsource our dry cleaning, house work, and even our physical fitness goals, why can’t we do the same when it comes to our meals? Now you can with HopefullyPlated, a concierge service that will make your lives more efficient and economical. 

Most people will spend $200 a week on groceries & restaurants. In addition to the money spent, factor in the time spent driving to the store, picking out each item and then prepping and cooking. We can all agree that’s a lot of money and time.

HopefullyPlated’s goal is to eliminate the stresses that accompany meal prep, along with the perception that it’s expensive to be healthy. Everyone always wishes they had more time in a week. By eliminating at least 7 hours of hassle, we leave you with more time to enjoy food bliss and a happy fridge. I am challenging you to track your spending and time for a month prior to signing up for HopefullyPlated.

If you take my challenge, you can sign up for 2 months at $250 a week, with your first week free. If you sign up for 6 months at $200 a week your first 2 weeks are free!

 Something to Chew On

According to a new national survey, 70% of Americans that say they feel badly about throwing food in the trash. Most said they were bothered by it because it’s a waste of their money or because others don't have enough to eat.

·       Purchase less food in grocery shopping trips so that less goes to waste

·       Organize food in the fridge by what needs to be eaten first

·       Freeze food that isn't eaten

·       Finish leftovers first; repurpose food for another meal

·       Don't discard food just because it reached the "sell-by" date, check it for freshness first

·       Compost as much food waste as possible in separate bins

(CBS News, http://www.cbsnews.com/news/how-one-family-saved-4800-on-food-in-a-year/, 2015).

What You See Is What You Get

HopefullyPlated steps in to make your life easier while helping you find a happy and healthy balance. With that, our loyalty is to our current clients and we dedicate time and energy to finding ways to better their meal plans and options. Which is why our contracts are in place to make sure we plan ahead and provide the best support and customer service.


Ask us about pricing and referral benefits. There is an option out there for everyone, so let us help you find yours. We have a base price for groceries plus our hourly fee.


The amount of hours per client depends the following:

  • Number of People in the House
  • Number of Meals
  • Drive time (OTP vs ITP)
  • Meal Prep Lessons: Learning to prep together at your home
  • Special Request
  • Private Dinner Parties


Our hourly charge is between $15-$25 an hour. Your pricing will be discussed at your initial consultation and put into your contract for complete clarification.