H.O.P.E to fill your life with an accessible home-cooked health inspired meal plan. Removing the hassle of meal prep and reducing your struggle to find time to cook.

Our process begins with a client questionnaire. Walk us through your day to day and how you schedule your meals and dietary needs. We will equip you with the best options to make eating healthy easy and accessible. The key word for HopefullyPlated is concierge, feeling spoiled and excited for fun new recipes. You may be more interested in grab-n-go options or pre-portioned dinners, we will work with you to find your best fit.

F.U.L.L fridge of fun planned meals and snacks. At HopefullyPlated we buy all natural, local, and upon request, organic food and produce. Throwing out the dependency on packaged goods, let us help you make wiser choices by having better options on hand and ready.  Each week we will organize your fridge based on your questionnaire and needs. Our team purchases your groceries from Dekalb Farmers Market. One of the leading spots for fresh food distribution and less expensive options in Atlanta. Steer away from the need for package items and less desire to eat out, with a full and happy fridge to your liking.

Y….O.U. this is all for you and your needs. HopefullyPlated is happy to work with those seeking specific goals whether in diet, medical request, or overall health.  Let us make life easier for you to choose healthier options. It’s not about being perfect it’s about hoping to do better, hoping to eat wiser, and hopefully sharing a happy plate of food! The cost will be adjusted based on your needs and wants. Happy to discuss the financial fit for you during the first client meeting.