About Me

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Mallory Hope Schwartz is originally from Richmond, Virginia where she grew up with a strong influence in Southern and Jewish cooking. She found cooking at a young age baking cookies every Friday night to share with her family. Both of her parents worked full time and had very busy schedules- so meal prep and planning was huge in her household. Even though her Mom stuck to a pretty standard menu- there was always homemade dinners ready to reheat and serve.

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The Journey

Mallory graduated with honors from the University of South Carolina in 2008 with a Sport and Entertainment Marketing Degree. 2008 was not the winning year to graduate but she found a Business Development role in Los Angeles. After making the leap to California- she stayed there another 6 years with a slew of jobs in brand marketing and events. She gained amazing experience but knew her roots were back in the South.

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The Path

Atlanta has been an amazing city for her to development connections. Mallory is involved in the fitness community here in Atlanta- teaching barre at Pink Barre Studios. Her connections are what helped inspire her to go after her goal of owning her own business. She found her passion for grocery shopping and meal prep was a need in Atlanta and HopefullyPlated was born from there.