Mallory Hope, originally from Richmond, Virginia, began her love of cooking at an early age. Her mother's classic Jewish dishes shaped her culinary culture. Food symbolized family time, comfort and zen. She led the charge in the kitchen a few times a week to create easy at-home dinners for her parents, even in high school.

Having graduated with Honors from the University of South Carolina with a degree in Sport & Entertainment Management, her flare for dancing led her to campus recreation where she began teaching group fitness classes. This passion for dancing ignited a spark to 'share the health' and work in the fitness community. She has been teaching spin & barre for the last 10 years at local boutique studios.

After college, Mallory Hope took a leap to Los Angeles for 6 years.  California left its mark on her -- from her style to her speech. The sun, spirit, and outdoor activities that shape LA created the health-inspired drive that she now shares with her clients.

HopefullyPlated is a passion project, combining Mallory Hope's strength and passion for planning, preparing and delivering healthy, customized meals for busy individuals and couples. The company was built on the strong belief that we should nourish our bodies through enjoying beautifully plated meals with all of our senses. The ultimate goal is to guide her clients toward a healthier lifestyle by making their lives easier. HopefullyPlated frees up clients' time and energy by offering meal prepping services from start to finish: from generating recipes, to planning, to grocery shopping, to cooking and delivering all natural, locally supported meals -- straight to your door.

Special Thanks

Daniel Caplin, Creative Instigator

Alissa Funk,  Copy Writer

Aaron Moon, Photographer Extraordinaire

Michelle Jacobson, Lead Organizer

John Jay & Gail Schwartz, Cheerleaders